Chicken Feed Stampede

Game DescriptionChicken Feed Stampede

It's feeding time for the chickens, and you've got a lot of hungry mouths to feed in your hen house. So out into the barnyard you go, looking for tasty spiders, worms, beetles, and bits of corn. All you need to do is grab it and bring it back to your henhouse. Unfortunately, there are a lot of other chickens in the yard that are trying to grab the same food! Will you be able to successfully maneuver your chickens to collect the most food and feed your flock?

In Chicken Feed Stampede!™, players control a pair of chickens trying to collect food as they run around the barnyard. While doing so, they have to avoid other chickens and the fox, which chases the chickens to the edge of the barnyard, forcing them to the edge to start over.

  Players:                   2 - 6
  Ages:             10 to adult
  Playing time:    60-75 min

Samples of Artwork (subject to change)

Sample Action Cards

Sample Action Cards
 Each player uses a set of eight action cards to determine how their chickens are moved each turn.

Food Tokens and Turn Markers 

Food Tokens and Turn Markers
 There are four different kinds of food available, and each gives the player who collects it a different ability or score. Player order is managed by placing their turn markers on the "Pecking Order" board. Clever management of your actions to stay at the top of the pecking order is needed to win the game.

Game Board 
Game Board
The game board is comprised of a grid of various terrain tiles. A chicken's movement ability is based on the terrain of the tile it starts its move from. Using the boulders and gravel paths gets you around faster, but sometimes you need to get into the grass to collect the food you need.


   - Modular Board featuring barnyard terrain
   - 12 chicken tokens (chickeneeples!) in six colors
   - 48 chicken action cards
   - 36 food tokens (spiders, worms, beetles and corn)
   - one fox token
   - 6 chicken turn marker tokens