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PRISM™ Card Game


Item #: LC001    ($10.95)

PRISM™ is a fun, fast paced, rapidly changing race to collect the six colors of the rainbow. Take cards from other players to help you, but watch out! Everyone else wants to take cards from you, too!

  Players:                   2 - 6
  Ages:               8 to adult
  Playing time:    60-90 min

Board Games

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Chicken Feed StampedeChicken Feed Stampede™ Board Game

It's feeding time for the chickens, and you've got a lot of hungry mouths to feed in your hen house. So out into the barnyard you go, looking for tasty spiders, worms, beetles, and bits of corn. All you need to do is grab it and bring it back to your henhouse. Unfortunately, there are a lot of other chickens in the yard that are trying to grab the same food! Will you be able to successfully maneuver your chickens to collect the most food and feed your flock?


Do you have what it takes to brew that venti raspberry espresso macchiato with a scone on the side and serve it to your customers before they lose their patience? Maybe you'll need a shot of esspresso yourself to stay ahead and win.

Jumpin' Beans

It's HOT HOT HOT in desert, and these Mexican Jumpin' Beans want to get out of the heat. Place your pebbles in the right order, and help your beans cross the desert first.

Children's Games

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Christmas Tree Game

A fun and easy game for young children that teaches them game playing basics as they decorate a Christmas tree. First one to finish their tree and put the star on top wins.