About Us

My name is Andrew Korson, and I have enjoyed playing games for as long as I can remember. And I've enjoyed creating my own games for nearly as long. As far back as junior high, I've enjoyed creating games and puzzles for my friends and family.

Several of my creations seem to have passed the test of time, having been played for years first by my siblings, and later by my own children and their cousins.

One of the most popular was Prismâ„¢. I orignally hand printed several copies, giving them to family members. My sister, who owns a daycare and after school center, took one, and the game was an instant hit with the older school children. That was over ten years ago. Ever since, my sister has been asking me when I was going to publish it, or at least make her another copy.

So, last year, I decided to create Little Eskimo Games, and publish Prismâ„¢ and some of the other games I've created through the years.

 We call ourselves Little Eskimo Games because we are obviously NOT the 'Big Kahuna' of game companies. And we're OK with that. Our goal is to have fun doing what we love, and produce games that are fun, enjoyable and entertaining.